Election Day

  • Cookies Campaign

    Local Girl Scouts are greeting registered voters as they arrive at the polls in Newtown today. It’s also Girl Scout Cookie Season, so the young Scouts are doing some campaigning of their own, offering boxes of cookies along with smiles. The smiles are free, Girl Scout cookies are $4 a box. The Brownies at Reed School Tuesday morning had a large supply of this year’s offerings, from classics like Samoas, Thin Mints, Trefoils and Do-Si-Dos to new offerings including Savannah Smiles and Rah-Rah Raisins.

  • Top of the Mountain

    Are you ready for Halloween? Plenty of homes up and down Main Street are decked out for this one-day holiday, and ready to greet the goblins that swarm the street, October 31. Don’t forget that Dental Associates in Newtown (11 Church Hill Road) is sponsoring a candy buyback, Tuesday, November 3. If you were the object of too much generosity on Halloween, Dental Associates will pay $2 a pound for wrapped Halloween candy, up to ten pounds per child. Stop in between noon and 2 pm for payback on your bounty.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Is it a coincidence that American Diabetes Awareness Month, November, follows smack-dab on the heels of Halloween? Whatever the reason, the American Diabetes Association has made it a goal to help others understand diabetes and its consequences. Diabetes is the body’s inability to produce or use insulin, resulting in high glucose levels in the blood.

  • Election Day Fireworks?

    To the Editor:

    A little chuckle as we approach Election Day November 5, 2013.

    It was 408 years ago that a gentleman who was dissatisfied with the current government of England was working to make a change.  He was captured as he guarded gunpowder that had been packed in the undercroft to the House of Lords, part of Parliament in London, preparing to blow up the House of Lords.