Maritime Aquarium

  • Final Chances To Cast Votes For — And Maybe Help A Resident Win —13th Festival Of Lighthouses Contest

    NORWALK — Time is running out to cast a vote in the 13th annual Festival of Lighthouses Contest at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.

    The creative display of 24 large model lighthouses made by local artists, amateurs and students will close on Monday, January 19. 

    The exhibit, which has been open since November 22, works like a juried art show except that thousands of Maritime Aquarium visitors are the jury. Visitors can follow the homemade beacons through the galleries and cast a vote for their favorite.

  • Twinkies Lighthouse Wins Second Place In Annual Contest At Maritime Aquarium

    NORWALK — A Newtown woman’s enormous lighthouse made from Twinkies®, Ho Hos® and other Hostess snack cakes is the $750 second-place winner in the Festival of Lighthouses Contest at The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.

  • A Bid To Return To The Limelight With One Sweet Lighthouse

    Donna Kern Ball cleared the shelves at two local supermarkets of Hostess products when it was time to start collecting baked goods for her third entry in the annual Festival of Lighthouses Contest at The Maritime Aquarium. Hundreds of Twinkies, Ho Hos, and Hostess cupcakes went into the creation of this year’s entry, which remains on view at the South Norwalk venue until January 20. 

  • Resident's Twinkie® Entry Enhances Annual Festival Of Lighthouses Contest; Inspires Contest Within A Contest

    NORWALK — A Newtown woman’s model lighthouse, made from Twinkies®, Ho Hos® and other Hostess snack cakes, is helping to light the way for visitors in The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk as part of the Aquarium’s 12th annual Festival of Lighthouses Contest.