• The Minimal Effect Of The Minimum Wage Hike


    There are two ways to look at the recent move by Governor Dannel P. Malloy and the legislature to increase in the state’s minimum wage. It is either a lifeline for those living on the margins of the state’s economy or a rope too short to pull struggling families out of economic hardship and stress.

  • Unraveling The Safety Net

    Last week, a group of volunteers responsible for Newtown’s Victory Garden at Fairfield Hills went to an orchard in nearby Washington and returned with a half ton of apples in the back of a pickup truck. They delivered them to the FAITH Food Pantry and the Nunnawauk Meadows senior housing complex. The fresh fruit was a welcome addition to the pantry, which along with the food bank run by Newtown Social Services, feeds several hundred Newtown residents every month. Newtown is a generous place, but there are times when even these cupboards are nearly bare.