Community Center

  • A Center For Community

    The series of forums hosted by the Community Center Commission continues to bring suggestions regarding the use of the $15 million gift from GE to the town. A recent survey also solicited public opinion. Before they make any recommendations, commission members are “listening,” according to Commissioner Brian Leidlein. Who they hear may influence the future of this center and determine if it is a facility that unites or divides the town.

  • Community Center Planning Resumes

    The recently established Community Center Commission elected co-chairs and revised its vision statement Tuesday, May 26, at the group’s second meeting. In late April the Board of Selectmen chose members for the commission, who would fact-find, survey the community, and, after research and planning, render a recommendation on how to use a $15 million gift from the GE Foundation.

  • $30 Million Community Center?

    To the Editor:

    According to a May 7, 2015 article in The Newtown Bee, “the Community Center project will, in part, be funded through a $15 million gift from the GE Foundation in the wake of 12/14”.  This $15 million amount was to be broken down into $10 to build the center and $5 million for operations.

  • Selectmen ‘Reset, Refocus’ Community Center Process With New Committee

    Residents who had expected to vote on a local community center project at the upcoming budget referendum may not see that question come up until Election Day after the Board of Selectmen agreed to remove the local advisory question from the April 28 ballot.

    By unanimous vote of the selectmen April 6, and on the recommendation of First Selectman Pat Llodra, the planned ballot question requesting to build a planned senior center and aquatic complex using a $15 million gift from General Electric will be put off.

  • Finding Common Ground On A Community Center

    To The Editor:

    As Newtown looks forward to the next steps in the process of finding common ground regarding the Community Center perhaps it would be good to take a deep breath and ask ourselves some key questions.

    What is the vision and mission of this project?

    How do we make the decision making more inclusive, guided by an advisory committee more reflective of the community at large?

  • An All-Inclusive Conversation On The Community Center

    To the Editor:

    I'd like to encourage Pat Llodra, the Board of Selectmen and all others who have focused their effort on this topic to gather new organizers and plan a series of forums over the next 9 -12 months.  There needs to be new residents brought into manage this conversation with a renewed broader focus on this most generous gift of the GE Foundation.

  • The Community Center Long Game

    When people start talking about “rebranding” something, one of two things has gone wrong: the original something in need of rebranding has obvious inherent flaws that require significantly altered perceptions to hide those flaws from view; or that same original something has been so successfully mischaracterized by adversaries that a new light is required to illuminate the truth of it.

  • Llodra: Pause Will Help Town To Find A Way Forward With Community Center

    Only two men attempted to attend a community center information session Tuesday evening, March 31. They didn’t get word that it had been canceled several hours earlier.

  • Llodra Recommends Delay On Community Center Project Vote

    First Selectman Pat Llodra is recommending to the Board of Selectman that action on the community center project “not go forward as planned” on April 28, in a statement released Tuesday, March 31. “It is my belief that our community is best served if we allow ourselves and the community the time necessary to ensure that as many voices as possible are heard,” she wrote.

  • New Location For Next Community Center Info Session

    Organizers announced that the next Newtown Community Center Phase I Information Session will be held at an alternate venue on Tuesday, March 31.

    Originally scheduled to take place at Newtown Senior Center, the session will be in the Alexandria Room of Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street.

    Andy Clure, a member of the Community Center Advisory Committee, said the decision to move was made after the committee held a meeting late in the week.