Ram Pasture

  • How To Contribute To Our Town

    To the Editor:

    We were simultaneously bewildered  and outraged by Mr Pielli' s instruction on how to “work a luminaria.” [Letter Hive, Bee, 12-19-14]

    This treatise was  apparently  motivated  by an overwhelming disappointment with his visual enjoyment traversing Main Street in the warmth of his vehicle on the night of the Ram Pasture tree lighting .

  • How To Work A Luminaria

    To the Editor,

  • Ram Pasture Tree Lighting Opens The Weekend

    A crowd gathered around the larger tree at Ram Pasture on Friday, December 5, for the 30th Annual Ram Pasture Tree Lighting event.

  • Three Tree Lightings Planned For The Weekend

    Trees at Ram Pasture, Sandy Hook Center, and in Hawleyville will be formally lit for the holidays this weekend.

    Newtown’s oldest tree lighting celebration will open the weekend.

    The 30th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at Ram Pasture is scheduled for Friday, December 5. The event will begin with musical performances at 6:30 pm, and culminate with the tree lighting at 7, followed by caroling, hot chocolate, and visits with Santa and Mrs Claus.

  • Lighting Up The Season

    To The Editor:

    Thank you everyone for taking in stride the rescheduling of the 29th Ram Pasture Christmas Tree lighting.  Our gain was a sparkling clear night and a snow covered setting that showed off the 2,200 luminaria, which lined the streets and pasture and led the way to our Christmas Trees in a true winter wonderland.

  • Homes From The Heart

    A collection of 26 birdhouses and feeders have been hand painted with love and care by Girl Scout Troop 50599 and Girl Scout Troop 50059 members to honor the victims of 12/14.

    The houses and feeders were hung on a birch tree in Ram Pasture on Wednesday, December 12, by the Girl Scouts and their leaders — Clare Harrison and Gina Wolfman, who lead Troop 50599, and Nancy Gotschlich, leader of Troop 50059. Eighth grader Elle Sauli thought of the idea last spring, and researched the interests, hobbies, and passions of each person being honored.

  • Tonight: All Lit Roads Will Lead To Ram Pasture

    Residents are reminded that the 29th Annual Ram Pasture Tree Lighting Ceremony will be tonight. Entertainment will begin by 6:30, and First Selectman Pat Llodra will light the tree at 7 pm.

  • Help Light Up The Season (Safely)

    To the Editor:

    Soon the town festivities will begin with the lighting of the town Christmas trees and luminaria to excite and inspire us for the upcoming holiday season.

    What began 29 years ago in the Ram Pasture with a few hundred people is now numbering into several thousands and the logistics of getting to the site often requires  creative planning for parking, walking and crossing busy roads as people hurry both to the event or home from work in their vehicles.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Does Newtown have the most polite drivers? We’ll soon find out. NHS Principal Charles Dumais announced this week that the high school will be running a “traffic experiment” the mornings of November 25, November 26, and November 27. The school has coordinated the experiment with the Newtown Police Department, Newtown High School Security, and All-Star Transportation, according to Mr Dumais. During those mornings there will be NO traffic control officer in place.

  • Gestures Of Kindness, Part Four

    (This is the fourth installation of a series of stories that share with readers special events that continue to take place as Newtown heals following the events of 12/14 at Sandy Hook School. It is also a continuation of anecdotes from across the country, of people offering kind gestures on behalf of our town.)