Faith at Newtown

  • New Meeting Location For Faith At Newtown

    Faith at Newtown has a new place of worship: 4 Riverside Road in Sandy Hook. Entry is from the lower parking lot, below The Villa Restaurant.

    The church, led by Pastor Tim Kuhn, studies the Bible verse by verse and applies it to everyday living.

    All are welcome for Sunday worship services, which begin at 10 am.

    For additional information contact Pastor Kuhn at 203-364-1448 or visit FaithAtNewtown.org.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    I was grateful for my fur coat when I scurried into the Bee editorial department Monday morning. Just in time for one of the chilliest days yet, the radiators in that section of the building refused to cough up any heat. Naturally, I sought out the sanctuary of the warm conference room and any other cozy spot around town. That’s when I found out about something that at least warmed my heart.