Senior Center

  • A More Balanced View

    To the Editor:

    Ms Aurelia’s call for the resignation of Commission on Aging (COA) Chairman Curt Symes [“Time For Leadership Change On Commission on Aging”, Letter Hive, April 24, 2015] includes a number of inaccuracies and conveniently leaves out facts that provide a more balanced view.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown High School senior Maggie Wruck and her date Kollin McDonald of Stony Brook, N.Y., decided on a Batman theme for the NHS Senior Prom, held this past Friday, April 25, at the Matrix Conference & Banquet Center in Danbury. Maggie donned these shoes, and I hear she customized them herself, hand gluing roughly 10,000 rhinestones all over them, including the Batman insignia. Kollin followed the theme, wearing a Batman bowtie and cufflinks.

  • WCAAA Grant Provides New Opportunities At Senior Center

    Sheila Torres, vice chairman of the Commission on Aging, and Marilyn Place, director of senior services in Newtown, announced Wednesday, April 8, that thanks to a Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging (WCAAA) grant received in December, the Newtown Senior Center will be able to host three new programs for Newtown citizens, ages 60 and older.

  • The Community Center Long Game

    When people start talking about “rebranding” something, one of two things has gone wrong: the original something in need of rebranding has obvious inherent flaws that require significantly altered perceptions to hide those flaws from view; or that same original something has been so successfully mischaracterized by adversaries that a new light is required to illuminate the truth of it.

  • Llodra: Pause Will Help Town To Find A Way Forward With Community Center

    Only two men attempted to attend a community center information session Tuesday evening, March 31. They didn’t get word that it had been canceled several hours earlier.

  • Llodra Recommends Delay On Community Center Project Vote

    First Selectman Pat Llodra is recommending to the Board of Selectman that action on the community center project “not go forward as planned” on April 28, in a statement released Tuesday, March 31. “It is my belief that our community is best served if we allow ourselves and the community the time necessary to ensure that as many voices as possible are heard,” she wrote.

  • Residents Prompt Q&A On Community Center Planning

    After nearly three hours of responding to a room full of raised hands inquiring and commenting about a community center project, March 24, First Selectman Pat Llodra shared a few quiet words with resident Jenny Avari.

    Feeling “much better about the phased approach” to current concepts for a project to include senior, aquatic, and community center spaces, Ms Avari said she is “ready to promote it. Now I’m excited.”

  • Getting All The Facts On The Community Center

    To the Editor:

    I attended the Community Center Phase I Info Session held at the Newtown Municipal Center on March 24, and when I left the meeting I felt much more educated.  Pat Llodra and her committee staff members gave excellent presentations.  They explained the project in lengthy detail and answered numerous questions presented by the audience.  By the questions asked, it was apparent that many of the residents were uninformed or misguided. They had formed opinions based on inaccuracies and erroneous facts.

  • Questioning Community Center Priorities

    To the Editor:

    The question that keeps me up at night is: Will the graduating classes of Newtown High School from 2021 to 2025 be okay?  Major events tend to shape an individual’s life and influence the decisions they will make.  What life decisions will the children who walked out of Sandy Hook School on December 14th, 2012 make?  How long is the healing process? Does our town have the resources to help these children make healthy mental and physical judgments in their lives? 

  • Seniors Aren’t Separate From The Community

    To the Editor: