• Gratitude From The Depths Of Winter

    To the Editor:

    Here we are , still weeks away from any hope of spring, having exhausted our leisure time activities of  shoveling snow followed by baking cookies, playing board games,  reading   or watching way too much TV/Netflix. . .

    Let’s pause to remember those and be grateful for who have made this enforced “leisure,” more bearable:

    *The guys on the utility poles who maintain our electricity, phone, and cable  services

  • Middle Gate Conducts A Winter Sing-A-Long Assembly

    Middle Gate Elementary School music teacher Tina Jones was ready in the school’s gymnasium on Tuesday, December 23, when students walked in for an assembly.

    “This is our Middle Gate musical winter sing-a-long!” Ms Jones announced, wearing a festive hat and outfit.

    After introducing students to the assembly, Ms Jones seated herself at a piano and led students and faculty through singing a Winter Fantasy and Jingle Bells combination.

  • Winter In The Wings

    As fall began to take its final bows this week, winter was waiting in the wings, hastening the old season’s slide into history with sleet, ice, and snow. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, it appeared that someone had run Zambonis over the roads in much of the state, turning the morning rush into a cautious creep. Then snow frosted the landscape again on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Winter asserts itself in this way as no other season does. It imposes itself on our pace, on our schedules, and on our certitude.

  • A Cautionary Tale On Sledding And Safety

    To the Editor:

    Downhill sled riding can be dangerous.  Two weeks ago, on a cloudy afternoon, I decided to take my children to Treadwell Park for some fun sled riding.

    The children hopped off the bus after school and excitedly got dressed for some fun in the snow.  My kids were ecstatic!  The hill was well groomed from riders the day before and there were a few nicely built jumps on the lower portion of the trail for an additional thrill!

  • Weathering The Winter

    The State of Connecticut has banned flying ice this winter — and every winter from now on. The new law took effect last week just in time for the year’s first big storm. It will levy fines — up to $1,250 for drivers of commercial trucks — for failure to clean snow and ice from their vehicles.