charter revision

  • Council Completes Charter Review, Ordinances Approved

    After nearly eight hours of line-by-line scrutiny over the course of two meetings, the Legislative Council completed its administrative review of a draft charter revision during a special meeting October 28. The panel, with several members absent, also held a brief public hearing with no comments offered, and subsequently approved updates to Newtown’s alarm and purchasing ordinances.

  • Republicans Come Around On The Charter

    To the Editor:

  • Majorities, Minorities, And The Board of Education

    When the town voted in 2008 to increase the size of the Board of Education from six to seven members, the charter change that accomplished that goal stipulated that the existing 3-3 division of the six seats between Democrats and Republicans be changed to allow a 4-3 partisan bare majority. It is frequently noted, particularly by politicians, that the Board of Education should not be politicized.

  • Don’t Dilute Minority Representation

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  • Council Prepares For New Charter Review Process, Seeks Residents To Serve

    The Legislative Council is in the preliminary stages of initiating a new charter review process.

    Council Chair Mary Ann Jacob reported to her colleagues February 19 that she is issuing a letter to all town boards, commissions, and departments soliciting input regarding issues in Newtown’s constitutional document that may need to be revised, amended, or struck, as well as any issues that need to be considered for addition.