• Some Purchased Plants Are Toxic To Bees and Butterflies

    To the Editor:

       Question: When would buying plants specifically to attract bees and butterflies to your yard result in a toxic environment to those very same bees and butterflies? Answer: It is when the seeds from which the plants were grown had been soaked in a neuro-toxin called neo-nicotinoid (neonics for short). This process makes the plants less susceptible to aphids, white flies, etc. but it also renders plants deadly to bees and other pollinators.

  • State Bill Would Expand Pesticide Restrictions

    HARTFORD (AP) — Connecticut state lawmakers are considering whether to expand restrictions on pesticide use to include more public places like parks, playgrounds and municipal greens.

    Legislators say they drafted a bill to shield children from toxic lawn pesticides. The General Assembly’s Environment Committee has scheduled a public hearing on the proposal and other bills for 1 pm Monday at the Legislative Office Building.