• NMS Student Council Elected

    The Newtown Middle School held its Student Council elections on Friday, October 30, and by the end of the day the school's council president, vice president, treasurer, and spokesperson were announced.

    Candidates for president were John Godino, Adam Guerin, Rylee Harrell, and Pam Lalli. Vice president candidates were Sawyer Findley, Jordan Gomes, Rushil Jerfy, Anna Romano, and Nate Wheeler. Treasurer candidates were Richie Gairing, Catie Gregory, Remi Pimentel, and Evan Wologodzew. Spokesperson candidates were Tyler DiMartino, Ava Schwartz, Mikey Sereday, and Lauren Yoder.

  • Re-Elect No One — No Exceptions

    To the Editor:

    This is a non-partisan message.

    Keep this in mind, as we approach mid-term elections for Congress. The incumbents have done nothing, except take care of themselves. Let’s give them a pink slip!

    Vote for the challengers with this proviso, you must serve the people and propose and fight to:

    *Insist on a balanced budget.

    *Resolve national problems such as immigration

  • Connecticut’s Chronic Corruption

    Once again this week, we have been reminded that at least some of the key players in Connecticut’s political realm view the democratic process as more of a game with mutable rules than a trust between the electorate and their chosen representatives. A deep-pocketed businessman, Brian Foley, and his wife, former congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley, admitted in US District Court Monday that they conspired with former governor John G.