Charter Revision Commission

  • Council Requests Final Revision Draft Changes, Close To Endorsing Charter Overhaul

    After a marathon five-hour-plus meeting November 4 during which the Legislative Council completed its final review of a charter revision draft, Council Chair Mary Ann Jacob said she was hopeful that suggested changes sent back for consideration would be completed in time for council members who charged the Charter Revision Commission to approve a final overhaul of the community’s constitutional document.

  • Council Hearing On Charter Revision Wednesday Evening

    The Legislative Council will conduct a public hearing on the proposed charter changes on Wednesday, October 21. The hearing will begin at 7 pm, in the Council Chamber at Newtown Municipal Center.

    At its meeting on Wednesday, October 7, the council heard a synopsis of changes to the charter — the document by which the town governs itself — from Charter Revision Commission Chair Jeff Capeci.

    As Legislative Council Chair Mary Ann Jacob said, the Charter Revision Commission has been working since June 2014.

  • Charter Revision Panel Makes Final Tweaks, Sends Draft To LC

    Following a 40-minute public hearing September 30 dominated by two local officials suggesting several late adjustments to Newtown’s constitutional document, the Charter Revision Commission initiated some of those changes and voted to send a final draft to the Legislative Council for its own hearing and review process.

  • Charter Revision Panel Slates Final Hearing For September 30

    After reviewing all but one high-profile proposed revision to Newtown’s constitutional document during a special meeting September 22, the Charter Revision Commission has set a 7 pm public hearing for September 30 to receive any final input from the public before members hope to send an initial draft back for review by the Legislative Council.

  • Charter Hearing Will Consider Town Meeting’s Demise

    Charter Revision Commission Chairman Jeff Capeci will consider it a success if a planned public hearing on the current revision — which includes a proposal to eliminate town meetings — will draw more public response than those poorly attended gatherings where millions of dollars is typically authorized by a handful of residents.

    While not officially slated yet, Mr Capeci said he expects that hearing will occur ahead of a regular Legislative Council meeting on July 15.

  • Charter Commission Nearing The End Of Yearlong Revision

    One of the final issues up for deliberation among local charter revision commissioners before wrapping up their yearlong overhaul of Newtown’s constitutional document involves the complicated task of determining voter intent as directed by budget questions, and whether a failed referendum, either in full or in part, should trigger Legislative Council actions currently not permitted by charter.

  • Charter Panel Drafts New Property Disposition, Acquisition Language

    Newtown’s latest Charter Revision Commission is heading into June with the end of a yearlong tunnel in sight. Following a May 27 meeting, ccommission Chairman Jeff Capeci said the group was more than two-thirds finished with what will amount to a complete review and refinement of the community’s constitutional document.

  • Playing By The Winners’ Rules

    To the Editor:

  • A Charter Revision Dissenting Opinion

    To the Editor:

    I wanted to take a moment to provide the dissenting opinion on the Charter Revision Commission’s recent vote that enables one party rule on the Board of Education. While there are four of us who voted to increase minority representation on the BoE, this reflects my opinions only and I do not speak for the other commissioners.

  • When The Anomaly Becomes The Rule

    To the Editor: