technology education

  • One Teacher’s Goal: To ‘Learn With Moxie’

    When Newtown Middle School technology education teacher Don Ramsey arrived at his summer vacation destination this summer, he had one agenda item: learn with moxie.

    “I’m the type of person that likes to see new places and meet people I have never met before,“ said Mr Ramsey, roughly a week before school began for the 2015-16 school year. “And I had a particular interest in learning about Native Americans and their plight since that was an area I had never really learned about.”

  • NMS Technology Education Exhibition

    Newtown Middle School fourth rotation architectural models and other projects were on display for a Wednesday, April 2, technology education exhibition.

    The event opened up the technology education room for parents and family members of students with projects on display to visit.

    NMS technology education teacher Don Ramsey said he invites students to specifically bring younger siblings to the middle school for the exhibition events to give the younger students an idea of what they will be working on at the middle school.