Newtown Poetry Project

  • Third Annual Newtown Poetry Project Celebrated

    Copies of Hello World: The Newtown Poetry Project 2015, a collection of poetry generated last spring by second to sixth graders and their parents in the Newtown Poetry Project were on display at the garden party on Wednesday.

  • Newtown’s Super Power

    To the Editor:

    I moved with my family to Newtown in July of 2012, and enrolled both of my children in Hawley School.  We found a ready home there and in our neighborhood in Sandy Hook. My older son, a fourth grader who, because of difficulties in finding a suitable elementary school in our previous South Carolina city, had attended three other elementary schools, knew that he was home when he came to Hawley.  There has not been one day since we moved here that we have not been grateful to be in Newtown.

  • The Newtown Poetry Project Celebrates Another Year Of Writing

    Adults and children gathered at a Newtown home during the evening of Wednesday, July 9. Children played between chairs and towels or ate alongside the adults in attendance for the culminating celebration of this year’s Newtown Poetry Project accomplishments.

    Carol Ann Davis, a Newtown resident, author, and professor in Fairfield University’s creative writing program, said the event went very well despite having to be moved indoors due to rain.