A Pirate's Life For Campers

Published: August 05, 2018 at 12:00 am


Campers at Newtown Parks & Recreation's Treadwell Memorial Park Day Camp put on eye patches; shirts with skull and cross bones; and red, white, and black striped clothes as festivities for Pirate Day began on July 12.

The pirate-themed day included activities like creating team posters and searching for buried treasure. Most of the campers brought pirate costumes for the day.

Site Director Chris Browne called his pirates to attention just before 2 pm to challenge them to find treasure buried at the park. The pirate Red Beard, he claimed, had hidden treasure in the hills of Newtown. Campers broke into groups to complete tasks. The tasks earned the teams gold coins, and the coins earned the teams information on how to find the treasure. One team had to complete physical exercises - another had to find Mr Browne's hidden hat.

The treasure chest, once found, was filled with candy.

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