A Variety Of Experience

Published: October 23, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Daniel Delia (R) as a candidate for Board of Education. I have known Dan for many years now, and see in him the qualities I want on the Board of Education.

Dan is a caring, thoughtful, reasonable, and compassionate person. These qualities are critical for the Board of Education because members need to care for the children under their supervision, be thoughtful in decisions, and be reasonable when faced with decisions that will impact the community at large. Furthermore, Dan's compassion sets him apart and is a big reason for this endorsement. Dan is the person that will drop everything to help a friend in need. I have seen this and know that Dan's compassion for students and taxpayers will help him make the best decisions for Newtown.

Dan also brings a unique skillset to table as a potential member of the BOE. Dan is a teacher and knows the ins and outs of education. Dan also owns a small business and understands the importance and struggles of running a business. Dan worked for many years in public accounting, and that will give him a viewpoint of finances that will serve the taxpayers well by keeping a watchful eye on spending. And, Dan is a dad of two children who are in Newtown schools right now. Just looking at the variety of experience Dan will bring to the BOE sets him apart for me.

So, when casting your vote for BOE, I urge you to vote for Dan Delia (R) for Newtown Board of Education.

Michael Nelson
8 Brookwood Drive, Newtown         October 23, 2017

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