A Worthwhile Candidate

Published: October 25, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

Please join me in supporting Deborra Zukowski for Newtown Board of Education. She is a write-in candidate but worth taking the extra time to write in "Deb Z." I served on the original School Start Time Committee with her in 2005 and she has also been on the Charter Revision Committee and active in the community. She is conscientious, intelligent, and very practical. She does extensive research and considers all options and their implications before making an informed decision. Those are the qualities we need in our Board of Education members.

She values the importance of education to our community but also realizes our taxes are high and that our revenue needs to be spent respectfully and efficiently. This is always crucial, but now more than ever as we face a deficit crisis at the state level that will greatly affect Newtown's budget. We need fiscally responsible, pragmatic leadership.

Please vote for Deb for Board of Education on November 7 by filling in the oval and writing "Deb Z" in square 14D on the ballot.

Barbara Bloom
25 Philo Curtis Road, Sandy Hook         October 24, 2017

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