An Insensible Proposal

Published: February 14, 2018 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

My husband and I moved to Walnut Tree Village, Phase I, in Sandy Hook in August of 2014, thinking that we had found a community where we'd enjoy a quiet, secure home for our advanced years. It now appears that a development called Hunters Ridge is being proposed which would result in a large mixed-use development of 224 residential units plus several commercial buildings in very close proximity to our peaceful and desirable area.

My husband and I would like to go on record as being opposed to this zone change. We are, along with many residents of this condominium, in our later years of life. We feel that the added population from the 224 units would generate a traffic situation which would be neither safe nor sensible. Walnut Tree Hill Road already is heavily traveled and the commercial business would draw customers and even more traffic. We also have a concern about the impact such a development would have on our water supply and on neighboring wells. This proposal should not become a reality.

Priscilla O'Hara
Walter O'Hara
25 Saint George Place, Sandy Hook          February 14, 2018

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