BOE Celebrates NHS Capstone Project Students

Published: May 24, 2019 at 07:15 am


Nearly one month after Newtown High School students presented Senior Capstone projects on April 10, the Board of Education celebrated the students at its meeting on May 7.

Superintendent of Schools Dr Lorrie Rodrigue said the students all volunteered to be the first group of students to complete Senior Capstone projects at NHS.

NHS Principal Dr Kimberly Longobucco introduced the students who were able to attend the meeting. Seniors Emma Stierle, Carter Goodrich, Maya Wadhwa, Jenny Wadhwa, and Brianna Lovely spoke at the meeting about their projects.

As previously reported in The Newtown Bee, Emma Stierle’s project, called “A Mindfulness YouTube Channel,” was to develop YouTube videos covering brain health topics; Isabella Wakeman’s project is “A New Mural at NHS” for the senior courtyard; Brianna Lovely started an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Club at NHS for her project, and she created a blog about her experience; Paul Samberg created a lending library for his synagogue, B’nai Israel in Southbury; Jenny Wadhwa explained her project, “Research on Violence and Mental Health,” is a story chronicling her efforts and journey after 12/14; Dorothy Ylanes worked with students at Reed Intermediate School to teach them how to compost; Maya Wadhwa furthered efforts made by her NHS Girls Inspiring Girls club with her “Meeting Empowerment Halfway” project, which had her create a website featuring information about the club’s meetings so other students can find empowerment ideas; John Kalamas studied paleontology for his project after being interested in the study of dinosaurs; Maddie Ceci and Tori Keayes created a “Unified Arts in Best Buddies” project; Hailey Jankura produced an 18-second animation for her project; Etienne Boily created a video game for his project; and Carter Goodrich wrote a screenplay for his project after finding a video online about symbolism and narrative in movies. The Senior Capstone projects were overseen by NHS advisors Ellie Hanna and Peg Ragaini.

“I really think this is my passion,” Carter told the school board about his screenplay project.

Emma told the school board members that her project inspired her to get her EMT license.

Dr Rodrigue said the completed Senior Capstone projects will now be models for future NHS students to follow.

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