Call To Artists For Oil DrumArt Exhibition In Art Space Gallery

Published: December 31, 2004 at 12:00 am


Call To Artists For Oil Drum

Art Exhibition In Art Space Gallery

HARTFORD — Oil Drum Art and Hartford Art Space Gallery have put out a call to artists of every artistic discipline – painting, sculpture, printmaking, video, architecture, theater, lighting, music, literature, etc – to create interpersonal artworks for the gallery’s planned March 3-12 exhibition.

Free 55-gallon oil drums are available by contacting Chris Phillips at the Art Space Complex, 555 Asylum Avenue. The exhibition theme is open to aesthetic, environmental or geopolitical statements about society.

The provocative art exhibition will include oil drum artworks by over 40 greater Hartford and southern Connecticut artists which will be on display at Art Space Gallery. Delivery of the artworks will be February 27 to March 2 at Art Space.

Several artists will give talks on March 3, followed by an audience discussion about their oil drum art creations. There will be an awards presentation for outstanding artworks at 7 pm during the opening reception. A musical performance will follow the awards featuring a new drum genres produced by professional drummer Don Fazekas. He created the musical instrument from three oil drums; he will be joined by a bass guitarist for his demonstration.

The exhibition is free and open to the public. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from noon to 2 pm. The opening reception will take place during Greater Hartford Arts Council’s Aetna First Thursday on March 3 from 5 to 8 pm.

A closing reception will feature a poetry recital coordinated and presented by Connecticut Poetry Society on Saturday, March 12, from noon to 3 pm. The selected poets will reflect on the impact oil is making on the environment and society.

Oil Drum Art and Connecticut Poetry Society are non-profit organizations.

Artists interested in participating in the oil drum art exhibition or poets interested in the closing reception poetry readings should call Chris Phillips at Art Space, 860-690-8359, for free oil drums.

For general information contact Lorna Cyr at 860-584-2857, Scott Tao LaBossiere at 860-978-2622, or Jack Lardis at 203-729-0800.

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