Double Taxation Without Representation In The Borough

Published: June 04, 2019 at 12:10 pm


To the Editor:

The residents of the Borough of Newtown are not only double taxed, but we have no representation on how that money is spent. At the last budget meeting, former Borough Warden Jim Gaston made it clear that the nearly $700,000 that the Board of Burgess has hoarded can be used for litigation in defending Main Street from developers with no say or input from the taxpayers. (Recently, the board had no problems with two high density residential developments within the Borough: the assisted living complex at the corner of Churchill Road and The Boulevard, and the proposed Rochambeau Woods on Mt Pleasant Road.) This is clearly double taxation without representation.

The residents of the Borough should repeatedly vote down the budget to force the Board of Burgesses to use that “war chest” to run the Borough, not use it as a litigation fund against potential developers of a Main Street property. If not, the Borough should be melted into the general municipality because the Burgesses have clearly abused their power of taxation.

Paul Fadus

Cris Carvalho Fadus

5 Sunset Hill Road, Newtown        June 4, 2019


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