Eichler's Cove Beach Closed Again

Published: August 08, 2018 at 12:00 am


Upon the recommendation from Newtown Health District, based on the apparent growth of a blue-green algae bloom, Newtown Park &Rec is closing Eichler's Cove swimming area until further notice.

The recommendation is the result of visual observation.

Eichler's swimming area will be observed again tomorrow to determine if conditions improve, worsen or remain the same.

Following brief but heavy rains in recent weeks, the beach area just went through a rough week, with closures keeping residents away more than not. "Heavy rain runoff" was cited for a July 28 closing, which then led to additional closings July 29-30 and August 1-2. As is typical for the season, alternating rain and hot temperatures have also affected plans for outdoor concerts and use of the town's playing fields in recent weeks.

Residents are reminded that the pool at Treadwell Park, 39 Philo Curtis Road, is still available for swimming. Current hours for both facilities are 11 am-8 pm Monday and Wednesday; 11 am-7 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and 10 am-7 pm Saturday and Sunday. Hours will change on August 20.

For additional information contact Newtown Health District at 203-270-4291 or Newtown Parks & Recreation at 203-270-4340.


Eichler's Cove beach -- July 2018 file photo WATERMARKEDWhile it was a source of heat relief in early July when this was taken, Eichler's Cove will be closed until further notice due to the apparent growth of a blue-green algae bloom. The swimming area will be observed again tomorrow, to determine if conditions have improved, worsened, or remained the same.

-Bee file photo


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