EverWonder Fossil Day Creates Prehistoric-Looking Imprints

Published: October 19, 2018 at 07:00 am


EverWonder Children’s Museum, 31 Pecks Lane, made quite the impression — a prehistoric-looking impression, that is — while celebrating National Fossil Day on October 11.

Visitors were invited to enjoy a variety of fossil-themed activities, including puzzles, coloring projects, and a create-your-own-fossil station at the front desk.

Office Manager Briana Pope helped guide each child as they made their custom fossil and provided them first with a ball of clay to flatten.

Children then selected the piece they would like to fossilize from baskets of different shells and dinosaur figurines. Each object was gently pressed into the clay and removed to reveal its imprint.

Ms Pope showed the children pictures of what real-life fossils look like and let them examine a cluster of shell fossils.

The young paleontologists in-training were encouraged to take their fossils home and paint them after the clay had a chance to dry overnight.

To learn more about upcoming events at EverWonder Children’s Museum visit everwondermuseum.org or call 203-364-4009.

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