Mitch Gets It Done

Published: October 16, 2018 at 05:50 pm


To the Editor:

Republican Mitch Bolinsky has my family’s vote on November 6 to remain as the Representative from Newtown’s 106th District.

Mitch has an excellent record of representing each Newtown resident and the town for six years, in spite of an often dysfunctional legislature in Hartford.

We need Mitch to remain on the State Legislative committee for Appropriations, Education, and Aging with his effective voice in support of financial and social responsibility. If Mitch is not reelected, Newtown will have no representation on this vital committee.

Working across party lines, he has passed new laws to solve issues raised by individuals as well as succeeding in minimizing Governor Molloy’s cuts for education and social service by retaining funding for the town.

If you needed to be heard in Hartford, Mitch has effectively taken your side and delivered.

If you needed face-time in Hartford, Mitch has gotten you before the decision-makers.

Given the current political turmoil, resist the temptation to vote only for Democrats. Vote Republican for Mitch and keep him working for Newtown and the state.

Please cast your vote for Mitch Bolinsky and enable him to continue delivering outstanding results.

Steve Bennett

4 Monitor Hill Road, Newtown         October 16, 2018


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