New WCHN Bills Confusing To Senders And Recipients

Published: August 14, 2018 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

We recently had an outpatient routine procedure done at a WCHN facility and used WCHN physicians. (Danbury Hospital's new name.)

After 90 days (three months), we finally received our first "statement," although I was able to go online and view my EOB (explanation of benefits) after several weeks. I have worked in finance for over 25 years and never saw the likes of a bill that I couldn't make heads or tails of. There were two so-called statements in the envelope, both referring to the same procedure, each a different color and format, but neither could I figure out. This only added to my confusion.

I had a copy of my EOB and not one charge on the EOB matched the statement.

There were no physician names that corresponded with any of the charges.

I tried to figure out some mathematical equation that would take into account what was charged and what the insurance company paid so I could confirm what I owed, but nothing added up to my balance due.

I called the billing office numerous times, but no one there could help me either. I sensed that the reps I spoke to were discourteous due to their frustration and inability to answer my questions.

One rep told me maybe they make this so confusing so the patient gets so frustrated they just end up paying what was owed.

I know for a fact WCHN spent a great deal of money on their new billing software, but it seems they haven't invested in the proper training for their billing staff. Why invest in a new billing software that is so confusing to everyone - patients and staff? Bills should be transparent, itemized, and easy to understand, and the patient should not have to spend hours reaching out to get someone to explain what they owe.

I am still waiting and hoping eventually I will find a manager who understands how to explain to me what all these numbers on the right and left side represent. Maybe with enough customer complaints, something will be done to change the WCHN new billing, or better yet, go back to the easy to understand old billing software.

Jill Previs
20 Chimney Swift Drive, Newtown August 14, 2018

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