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Published: October 28, 2017 at 12:00 am


Newtown Continuing Education
Newtown Continuing Education
Newtown Continuing Education announced it has limited openings available in the following classes. Contact Newtown Continuing Education at 203-426-1787, 9 am to 1 pm, Monday through Friday, for further information on dates, times, and location, or visit

Getting Paid To Talk, An Introduction To Professional Voice-Acting - A one-class course being offered on Monday, October 30, $39. From audio books and cartoons to documentaries, commercials, and more, this class will introduce people to the growing field of voice over. Learn what the pros look for, how to prepare, and where to find work in the local area. The class will discuss industry pros and cons and play samples from working voice professionals. In addition, students will have an opportunity to record a short professional script under the direction of the teacher. This class is lots of fun, realistic, and a great first step for anyone interested in the voice over field. For more information visit online.

The Haunted History Of The British Isles - A three-class course starting November 6, $99. Wonderful and colorful tales and authors of famous haunted tales are discussed, including the works of Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley, Robert Burns, and Brom Stoker, among others. The course is a must for anyone who loves haunted folktales and the impact on modern literature and movies.

Introduction To Numerology - A single class being offered on November 6, $49. Course topics will include how to calculate seven personality numbers, four pinnacles and challenges, and karmic lessons and debts for themselves, family, and friends. According to a course description, numerology is the bridge between who a person is now and who they have the potential to be.

Find A Flexible Job & Make Work Fit Life, Online Course - An online course for $99. For those that want flexible, lucrative, resume-worthy work but do not know where to find it. With any job search "sales" tools - such as a resume, a LinkedIn profile and more - are needed, but when looking for a less traditional job a person needs to be even more precise about their personal brand and the specific jobs they can fill. This quick, easy and inexpensive course shares the tools to find a flexible job, which can start and end at attendees' convenience. Note: This is an online course that can be taken any time. There are no "meeting times." Students work independently for all course activity. Once registered, students will receive an e-mail with course access information. No discounts apply.

Ballroom Dancing - A four-class course starting November 2, $99 per couple or $51 per single. Learn the fox trot, waltz, cha-cha, and more with instructors Joe Williams and Noni Low, who have been dancing together for more than 20 years and teaching ballroom dance for beginners to advanced for 15 years. Their basic concept of ballroom dancing consists of having fun with easy to learn instructions. Couples and singles welcome.

Excel Part 2 - A three-class course starting November 2, $99. Continue to learn more about the most popular spreadsheet product on the market. In this second part, instructor Michael Ingbar teaches about multiple sheet workbooks, charts, advanced formatting capabilities, data functions, templates, and more. Excel Part 1 or equivalent is a prerequisite. The class is limited to 12 students.

Street Smarts and Self-Defense, Basic Form - A four-class course starting November 2, $99. Students will train in the clothes they wear every day. They will learn techniques that are practical, realistic, and that will work when needed. This series is designed to reach personal potential for any age, gender, or physical condition.

What Are You Eating? - A single session being offered on November 14, $29. What we eat impacts our health. The course will share was to clean up a diet and make healthier food choices. Learn what to look for when shopping in the grocery store. The course will cover the differences between grass-fed and grain-fed beef, when to buy organic, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and their impact on health, and the benefits of fish oil and fats that are heart healthy.

Confused About Medicaid? - A single session being offered on Wednesday, November 1, $29. There is much discussion today about Medicaid, its level of funding, changes, and qualification. Government and state funded Medicaid is a very complicated process, with spend downs, asset preservation, and family gifting as major considerations. This course will simplify the complexities, layout the process, terminology, and resources, and it will answer many questions. Remember, Medicaid and Medicare are separate but potentially related programs depending on individual situations.

Introduction To Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFS) - A single class on Thursday, November 2, $29. Due to the popularity of lower cost, passive approaches to investing, EFTs now have combined assets of more than $2.8 trillion, with more choices than ever before. Attendees will learn how ETFs might be used as part of an overall investment strategy, and what potential risks and pitfalls to watch out for. This class is for educational purposes only, no products or services will be offered.

Yoga Stretch With Missy - A six-class course starting November 1, $69. Unwind from a stress-filled day with a relaxing evening of yoga. Transform from tense and tight to mellow and limber. This yoga practice is designed to lengthen and stretch breath. Take the time and truly be in the moment. Wear sweatpants and bring exercise/yoga mat. A yoga strap and yoga block are optional. The instructor is Missy Gregson.

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