Once Gone, Gone Forever

Published: December 28, 2017 at 12:00 am


To The Editor:

It has been said "Open Space, once gone, is gone forever." This is particularly relevant now as Newtown has an opportunity to preserve Cherry Grove Farm, an iconic site which has both historic and environmental value.

This site consists of beautiful rolling hills, forested areas, meadows, and wetlands. Thus it offers habitat to all kinds of wildlife - birds, small mammals, pollinators, amphibians to name a few. In our town this diversity of species and habitats is becoming rarer all the time as Newtown becomes more fragmented with developed parcels.

Preserving this site is consistent with the Newtown Plan of Conservation and Development, which seeks to preserve of the rural character of Newtown. It would be particularly distressing to have development in this area of town which has remained semi-rural through the years.

The Newtown Forest Association will be able to save this land only if it can raise $600,000 by mid-January. Thanks to the many people and organizations who have already donated to this cause - the Garden Club of Newtown, members of Protect Our Pollinators, and many others who have seen the value of saving this land.

It is hoped that now other members of our community will respond to this important opportunity so that the goal can be met in the next two weeks. Donations can be made by going to the Newtown Forest Association web site donation page at newtownforestassociation.org, or by sending a check to Newtown Forest Association, Box 213, Newtown CT 06470.

Mary Wilson
Protect Our Pollinators
12 Whippoorwill Hill Road, Newtown         December 28, 2017

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