Rising NHS Junior Completes Summer Pre-College Program

Published: August 09, 2018 at 12:00 am


Trey Hazard, a rising junior at Newtown High School, spent two weeks this summer at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., completing a course in the Harvard Pre-College Program.

Trey said he completed the course between July 8 and 20, and he said he would recommend other students take summer college programs if they can.

After seeing an e-mail for the program, Trey said he was interested.

"It said 'Harvard,' and I thought it would be really cool. It was an e-mail about applying to the program," he remembered.

Trey applied and was accepted to attend the program. Roughly 500 other students from across the country and world also participated in the program, which offered on-campus housing, according to Trey.

According to Harvard University's website, the Harvard Pre-College Program, "is an immersive, collaborative, and transformative residential experience. Alongside peers from around the world, [students] thrive in a dynamic and supportive academic environment." It was offered in three sessions this summer.

Part of the application process asked Trey to explain a course he would add to his high school if he could choose any class to add. Trey said he was inspired by one of his friends to say that he would add a course that combines science, politics, and law. While there are courses at NHS that cover those topics, Trey said, "It would be really interesting [to combine] them into one." The Harvard Pre-College Program offered a course called, "On the Witness Stand: Scientific Evidence in the American Judicial System," which combined those topics, and Trey said he opted to take it.

"It was really fun… the subject was really interesting to me," Trey reflected.

Attending the program taught Trey about what college will be like, he said. He learned not to procrastinate, and he learned how to manage his time. Trey explained that his course ran from noon to 3 pm, and he would finish his course work before 6 pm, when his friends would get out of class. Trey said he is staying in contact with friends he made in the program. He also liked the way the class was presented.

"It was kind of like a discussion-based class, instead of a straightforward class like in high school," Trey said.

Trey said he was able to meet people from Sweden, Italy, Greece, Norway, Finland, Germany, and from around the United States who were also attending the program.

"I just think it was a really good experience, and if anyone has an opportunity to participate in any of the college programs at all, [they should,]" Trey said.

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