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Newtown Police Plan To Replace Gray Uniforms With Dark Blue



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Town police are testing new dark blue uniforms, which if approved, would replace their current gray and black uniforms which police started wearing in late 2014/early 2015.

Police Patrol Officer Adam James wore one of the new uniforms under testing, displaying the garment to members of the Police Commission at their February 7 meeting. Ofc James indicated that the dark blue uniform appears to be a practical garment for law enforcement.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Aaron Bahamonde said February 13 that two officers are currently "wear testing" the dark blue uniforms to learn how they compare to the police's current uniforms, which include a gray shirt and black cargo-style pants.

Lt Bahamonde said the gray/black uniform is an unusual color combination for police officers in the Northeast, meaning that acquiring copies of the uniform is expensive due to limited availability.

Navy blue police uniforms are much more common and thus less expensive, he said. In testing the blue uniforms, police are seeking to find garments that are less expensive than their current garb, more widely available, more practical, and more durable, he said.

If approved, police may switch to dark blue uniforms in July, he said. Police would retain their current dress uniforms, which are charcoal gray, he said.

In late 2014/early 2015, police started making a transition to their current uniforms from their previous uniforms, which were very similar to state police uniforms with multiple shades of gray, plus blue and yellow trim stripes, and much detailing.

Before the town police department was organized in 1971, local police had functioned as a constabulary under the command of a resident state trooper. Consequently, the uniforms that town police wore after the municipal police department organized were very similar to those of the state police, in terms of general design, coloration, and trim.

Before switching to their current uniforms, town police wore a gray campaign-style Stetson hat, but now wear an eight-pointed hat, which is common among municipal departments.

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