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State Supreme Court To Hear Arguments In 12/14 Evidence Case



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HARTFORD - On March 1, the Connecticut Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in an appeal through which The Hartford Courant is seeking to obtain from state police copies of certain documents that state police obtained through search warrants at the Sandy Hook home of Adam Lanza, 20, the man who shot and killed 20 first graders and six adults on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook School.

After the shooting incident, the newspaper requested that state police provide it with copies of those documents. The evidence was not used in any prosecution of the case.

Lanza had shot and killed his mother at their home before the school incident. He shot and killed himself as police approached the school.

Among the documents sought by the newspaper are a spiral-bound book written by Lanza titled "The Big Book of Granny," a photograph of the Sandy Hook School Class of 2002-03, and a spreadsheet ranking mass murderers, the number of people they killed, and the weapons they used.

When state police did not provide the requested evidence to the newspaper then sought to obtain the information through a complaint to the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission (FOIC).The Courant,

The FOIC later ruled in favor of the newspaper. However, the state police challenged the FOIC ruling in Superior Court. A trial judge then reversed the FOIC decision.

The Courant and the FOIC, which are co-plaintiffs in the Supreme Court appeal, are seeking to reverse the Superior Court decision, so that the newspaper can obtain copies of the evidence seized by state police.

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