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To the Editor:

Does anyone like paying taxes? I certainly don’t. But I like what my taxes get for me: a good police force to keep me safe; well paved streets that are plowed when it snows; and an education system that prepares children for productive lives. That’s why I’m voting “YES” for the Board of Education as well as the Municipal Budget on the Budget Referendum.

Some people seem to think that slashing the school budget will increase test scores. Does that make any sense? If you think your meals aren’t nutritious enough, do you cut your food budget? Of course not! So why would anyone think cutting the Board of Education budget would somehow improve our schools?

In fact, test scores don’t necessarily tell us how well our schools are educating our children, or even how much kids are learning; what they tell us is how well kids take tests. The school budget has already been cut as much as possible by the Board of Finance; cutting it any further will mean increased class size, fewer resources, and less attention for our kids. How can anyone think that will improve how well kids learn, or how well they take tests?

Don’t listen to those people who tell you the Board of Education budget needs further cuts, but can’t tell you what they would cut, or how they would make sure students are learning. If the school budget is reduced any further, it’s not only the students and teachers who would suffer; every property owner in Newtown would see their property values plummet. Is this what you want?

Use common sense! Be a smart voter! Vote YES for both budgets on April 23!

Betsy Litt


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  1. qstorm says:

    Test scores these days measure how well kids absorbed the answers that the State DOE tells the school systems to teach.

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