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Middle Gate Students Eager To Inspect Insects At Earth Day Museum



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On April 26 and 27, a natural museum commemorating Earth Day was available in the science room of Middle Gate School for classes to cycle through throughout the day.

There was a forest display with examples of birds students might find in their own backyards, a wasp nest, and tactile exhibits including samples from trees and fragrant flowers with corresponding diagrams. Animal skulls and other skeletal structures were also featured.

The most popular exhibit for students in Christe Kelly’s second grade class were the bugs, examined with magnifying glasses. Numerous samples of bugs encased in resin for inspection and accompanied by a descriptor covered the science room tables.

MGS Math and Science Specialist Jill Bransieck hosted the most popular bug exhibit of the bunch. She presented delicate butterflies and spiders of phenomenal sizes to the room, which drew the attention of the entire class and sparked excited observations from the students.


Reporter Noelle Veillette can be reached at noelle@thebee.com.

Amelia Herrman asks a question about the butterflies in the display while Sophia Cerveira takes a closer look with her magnifying glass. —Bee Photos, Veillette
Also enjoying the butterflies are Emely Cardona Espana, Sophia Cerveira, Haley Melnick and Amelia Herrmann.
Sophia Smalls and Emely Cardona Espana are examining some insects up close (above), while Waqas Ansari-Johnston and Emmanuel Vargas check out the wasp nest (below).
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