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Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way



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To the Editor:

I am so glad my children are beyond the K-12 school years. While they got a good education from Newtown public schools in the not-so-distant past, my husband and I have said many times recently that if our kids were school-age now, they would NOT be attending public school.

Why is that?

It’s what students are being taught, and what they’re not being taught. It’s public schools being encouraged to lie to parents about their children. It’s the focus of education moving away from facts, logic and reason, to feelings and ideology.

For example, students are being taught that their country’s founding was evil, rather than being taught of the exceptional founding ideals of liberty and justice for all, and the struggles that ensued to ensure we live up to these ideals.

They’re being taught that the world will end in a matter of years from a “climate catastrophe” caused by human activity, rather than learning about the countless meteorological variables that affect climate, how climate historically changes over time, and how humans and nature adapt to these changes — even early humans to the latest ice age.

They’re being exposed to sexually explicit materials in their school libraries.

They’re being taught that they have inherent personality traits based on the color of their skin — if they have light-colored skin, they’re a privileged oppressor of others; if they have darker-colored skin, they’re a victim and there’s no hope for them.

Yet, they’re being taught that their gender is not based on the inherent physical qualities they were born with, but on how they feel — they’re being encouraged to choose what their gender is, and to let the school know their preferred pronouns and whether they want the school to keep their chosen gender a secret from their parents, the people who love them most.

As a result, children are becoming hateful, frightened, sexualized, pitted against one another, hopeless and confused. And we wonder why anxiety and depression rates have been on the rise in youth lately?

Sadly, this trend has made its way to Newtown schools, partly due to coercion by the state. And we have a group of well-organized radically-left zealots who are pushing for these types of changes in our schools, whose modus operandi is to intimidate and silence anyone who disagrees with them, be it a Board of Education member or a member of the public, as they aim to be the only voice heard.

They demand complete conformance to their ideology, at the expense of our town’s children.

I feel for parents of school-age children these days. If you send your children to our taxpayer funded public schools, my advice to you is to keep a very close watch on what they’re being taught in school, get to know your children’s teachers, attend Board of Education meetings, and have nightly dinners together as a family, with no electronics. Better yet, consider other educational opportunities in private schools or homeschooling — where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Cathy Reiss


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  1. indeliblemac says:

    Anti-LGBGT, anti-climate change acknowledgement, and anti-DEI all in one letter. That’s hitting for the MAGA cycle. Doing so while choking on smoke from unprecedented wildfires is just *chefs kiss*.

  2. bw.reloconsult@snet.net says:

    We don’t need Washington’s partisan politics in Newtown.

  3. acinct says:

    We all love our children. It’s BECAUSE we love them, that we will call them out when they are behaving badly. It’s BECAUSE we love our country, that we can acknowledge that our founding fathers were flawed (not evil). We are all big enough boys and girls to be taught about the contradictions in our country’s founding and still love our country and desire to make it better.

  4. jmk1955 says:

    Well said, wasn’t anti anything just facts.

  5. graytiger says:

    Please enlighten us on which courses specifically use the word ‘evil’ to describe our nations founding. And which classes teach that darker students should ‘have no hope’? Parents surely would want to know where in the curriculum the items you mentioned are taught.

  6. wendyleong says:

    A horrifying letter.

  7. rogerschild says:

    What a wildly out-of-touch letter.

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