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St Rose Holds Annual Kindergarten Science Fair



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St Rose of Lima School kindergarten students presented their science experiments at the school’s annual Kindergarten Science Fair on Thursday, May 30.

St Rose teacher Donna Rahtelli hosted the event in her classroom, where students had their experiment presentations set up throughout the room.

Each student excitedly stood by their experiment with a pointer, ready to share their process. The annual event is one of the outcomes from the school’s kindergarten receiving a Foundations in Education grant several years ago to implement an innovative science program.


Reporter Jenna Visca can be reached at jenna@thebee.com.

Family, friends, and students flocked to the classroom St Rose teacher Donna Rahtelli for the school's annual Kindergarten Science Fair on Thursday, May 30. —Bee Photos, Visca
St Rose kindergartner Giovanni Grates presented his experiment on static electricity, where he used a balloon to create a static shock and separate pepper from salt in a mixture of the two seasonings.
It got a little cloudy in the classroom with St Rose kindergartner Harper Deblasio’s cloud in a bottle experiment. For this project, she put a small amount of rubbing alcohol into an empty bottle, turned it horizontally, rolled the rubbing alcohol to coat the inside, and pumped air into the bottle. Once she released the air from the bottle, a cloud formed quickly inside of it.
For her experiment on moon phases, St Rose kindergartner Amelia Phillips used the cream filling from two sandwich cookies to represent the different phases of the moon. She also decorated her poster with a giant moon and various astronaut stickers.
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