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Grateful For Champions Of Local Control



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To the Editor,

With the subject of higher density housing coming up so frequently lately, I appreciate that Newtown still has a voice in these issues, because there are those in Hartford who see local approvals and town government as an antiquated hurdle to their vision of progress. They would rather see decisions made by regional planners and State bureaucrats. I am thankful for the work of our legislators Representative Bolinsky, Representative Foncello and Senator Hwang, all who have been champions of the “Local Control” cause, stopping bad bills (there are many) while raising sincere concerns such as lack of infrastructure and the impact on watersheds.

Many of us put down roots in Newtown because of its rural character, and there are good reasons to preserve that. When I was on the Council we funded many initiatives to protect farms and open space in town.

However, there is a housing crisis, ask anyone who has tried to rent or downsize recently. Despite these high costs, many still want to be a part of our wonderful community. Can you blame them? We hear from many seniors and young people that a big home on two acres does not work for them, and we want these folks to be part of our multi-generation community.

Perhaps it is no longer a question of if we grow, but how, I cannot say. What “local control” is about is when something comes up who makes important decisions and who has input. Should it be top down from the state in a more regionalized approach, or should it be Newtowners deciding what best fits in our community? This nuanced discussion is led by the groups Desegregate CT and CT 169 Strong respectively and I would encourage you to read up on both.

Our delegation stands for Local Control and believes it should be Newtown, not Hartford, deciding what is best for our community and how we grow. I am grateful we have them as our representatives.

Best regards,

Philip Carroll


A letter from Philip Carroll.
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  1. qstorm says:

    ‘Local Control’ is not what Desegregate CT and CT 169 Strong espouse. They want ‘their control’ through what ever means – including Hartford and the court system.

  2. BRUCE WALCZAK says:

    gstrom, I have no idea what you are trying to say.

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