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Representing ‘With All My Soul’



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To the Editor:

There’re so many things to love about Newtown. Monday, our special town celebrated its 57th annual Labor Day Parade and everything nicer about Newtown became an awesome community group hug.

This was my 18th Labor Day parade and it gets better each year. So much so that words like “Thank you, Newtown!” and “Thank you, Parade Committee” come gushing out. But there’s more. Our Mitch for Newtown Team had a “ball” marching and, to all who were part of our town celebration, Thank YOU for an awesome day!

We distributed 2,800 M4N Stress-Balls, shook 2,800 hands, and connected with more neighbors than we could count. Your friendly greetings and shouts of encouragement humbled us, myself especially. I listened to hundreds of appeals to turn our beautiful state around.

You made clear that you want to feel secure in our future, not squeezed out and unable to get ahead. Stopping the tax & spend insanity, restoring affordability, and rebuilding Connecticut’s economy for all, matters. Attracting great employers, good jobs, and opportunity is needed to remake Connecticut and Newtown into places that look forward with optimism, not sweat the status quo.

Record tax increases and uncontrolled spending hurt Connecticut, taxing jobs and families out of our state. Time to transform to be less taxing, less invasive, and more accountable to us, not special interests, like the Hartford majority prefers. History shows with every tax increase, Connecticut loses population and revenue, putting the burden on we who remain. New taxes, fees, and cuts to education funding, impact budgets. As your voice in Hartford, I’m devoted to stopping the madness, restoring affordability, and making our state competitive again.

You, the people of our community, are the force that drives me to represent you with all my soul in the State House of Representatives. I LOVE this town!

Thank you, Newtown!

Mitch Bolinsky

State Representative, 106th District

3 Wiley Lane, Newtown September 5, 2018

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