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A Representative Who Recognizes Our Means



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To the Editor:

I am working to re-elect Representative Mitch Bolinsky to another term. One of my efforts will be to see that the electorate is informed of Mitch’s excellent record through letters to The Bee, both mine and others.

My first point to voters is that Mitch does not need to show success on important bills that are doomed because of Governor Malloy; he needs to show by his actions and votes that he will support bills in the next session that are in Newtown’s best interest, especially if Republicans can control the House.

You need to ask yourself whether you want a representative who, for example, pushes a bill to prohibit cutting the educational cost sharing grant for Newtown, as Mitch did, or do you want a representative whose views on the subject are unknown and whose party voted to sustain the governor’s veto of this critical action.

I urge voters to do two things: First, go to Mitch’s website, and secondly, go to the CT General Assembly web page, where you can see Mitch’s work firsthand.

I point to a very small example of pure common sense on Mitch’s part from the CGA web page. In 2017, Mitch was a co-sponsor of House Bill 05465. That bill would have required the legislature to determine what the state’s revenue for the next year would be before beginning to make appropriations. What could be more sensible? Naturally, the bill did not go anywhere.

But regardless of that, I want a representative in Hartford who recognizes that before we can live within our means, we have to know what those means are.

That person is Mitch.

Robert H. Hall

5 Nettleton Avenue, Newtown         September 11, 2018

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