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New Layout For SHS Yearbook This Year



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New Layout For SHS Yearbook This Year

By Eliza Hallabeck

A new design for the yearbooks for Sandy Hook Elementary School was proposed for this year, and students in the entire school should expect to see their faces in the new books.

In past years Sandy Hook Elementary School students in the fourth grade only had the option of buying year books with their fellow fourth grade students and themselves in them, but as of this year the yearbooks will include the class photographs of students in all the grades at the school.

“It is still focused on the fourth grade,” said Jenifer Straiton, a co-chair for the yearbook committee and a member of the Parent Teacher Association at Sandy Hook School.

Ms Straiton said only the primary school photographs will be printed for students in kindergarten through third grade. Other photographs of the fourth grade class will be added to the yearbook with the help of parents who have been assigned different homerooms to take photographs and send them into a website that is putting the yearbook together.

The other photographs of the fourth grade students will include candid shots, “remember whens,” and event photographs from things like the harvest fair and the sock hop.

Lisa Sheridan, co-chair of the yearbook committee with Ms Straiton, said the idea was entirely Stacy Doyle’s, the PTA president for Sandy Hook School. Ms Sheridan said Ms Doyle brought the idea to the principal of Sandy Hook School, then brought it to the PTA for approval.

The yearbook committee is in charge of putting the project together, and the PTA had to approve the new format of the yearbook before the committee could start work on the new layout.

“I think it’s fantastic,” said Ms Sheridan.

The timeframe for the deadlines of the yearbook are still the same as other years, and the website, www.jostines.com, is helping to put everything together and create deadlines for the project. Jostines is the same company Newtown High School uses to put its yearbook together, according to Ms Sheridan.

“I think we have to have everything in by March,” said Ms Straiton, “and the yearbooks will be given out in June.”

Until September 30 the yearbooks will be on sale for $25 each, but after that point the price will start to raise.

“I hope it goes over well,” said Ms Straiton regarding the new form of the yearbook, “and that everyone like it.”

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