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Dominick Lombardi's Dark Visions On View At Housatonic Museum Of Art



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Dominick Lombardi’s Dark Visions On View

At Housatonic Museum Of Art

BRIDGEPORT — “Post Apocalyptic Tattoo,” an exhibit of reverse paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings by the New York artist D. Dominick Lombardi, is on display at Housatonic Museum of Art through October 23.

The artwork presents a view of the future, as filtered through the designs of a tattoo artist. The significant mutations seen in the anatomy of the various characters depicted in the works are the result of centuries of exposure to transgenics in foods and various pollutants.

“Dominick’s works show severely damaged characters who have survived a horrific environmental apocalypse,” said Robbin Zella, director of Housatonic Museum of Art (HMA). “His dark vision certainly asks us to stop and reflect on his message.

 “The project is rooted in Lombardi’s concern about the fate of the planet,” continued Ms Zella. “His work, as he says, is about ‘where we’re headed as a species in this world in which humans are guinea pigs in a larger experiment and grab for power and money run by sinister enterprises. Indeed, they are victims of a slow apocalypse, being altered by degrees over time.”

His mutant creatures include Blue Boy, whose innards spill down his legs; his sweetheart, the rubbery-boned, turquoise-lipped Twister; Big Foot, who perambulates on a single massive foot; and Clown, who dies early on in the story from an enlarged hair follicle on his tongue. Nonetheless, they show an enthusiasm for life that belies their infirmities, making the best of a truly bad situation.

Central to the tale is the unseen Tattoo Artist, whom Dominick channels and chronicles by producing all these drawings, paintings and sculptures. Mr Lombardi is the medium by which Tattoo Artist is made visible.

The exhibition is in the Burt Chernow  Galleries at Housatonic Community College, 900 Lafayette Boulevard in downtown Bridgeport. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (Thursday to 7); Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm; and Sunday, noon to 4 pm. For more information, contact Ms Zella at 203-332-5052 or visit hctc.commnet.edu/artmuseum.

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