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Burgerittoville: A Foodie Destination With Unique Menu Options, Comfy Ambiance



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It comes as no coincidence that Burgerittoville is located in a former train station, at 55 Church Hill Road. The restaurant is a destination point that out-of-towners and locals travel to in order to enjoy their favorite American comfort food with a twist.

Owner Joseph A. Rebecco, Jr, founded Burgerittoville on August 3, 2005, and came up with the restaurant’s iconic name.

“Burgeritto is a combination of burger and burrito. At the time of our opening, Kraft Foods was experimenting with a similar frozen food option and trademarked the name with one ‘t.’ That’s why our Burgeritto has two ‘t’s,’” Rebecco explained. “As we are located in the old train station, we added ‘ville’ to our burgeritto to indicate that we are a destination. Like a town on a train route.”

The family-friendly, full-service restaurant serves burgers, chicken sandwiches, and cheese steaks without rolls or buns and sandwiches (also known as “rittos”) rolled in flour tortillas. The restaurant’s hot dogs, however, get a buttered, toasted New England-style bun.

The most popular item, hands down, comes from the restaurant’s namesake and is a must-have for travelers looking to get their fix.

“The Burgeritto outsells everything else on the menu, but dozens upon dozens of customers tell us that we have the greatest french fries, onion rings, milkshakes, and hot wings in Connecticut,” Rebecco said. “We have a customer that lives in Boston and travels for work to New York twice a month. We see him four times a month — on his way to and from to get his Burgeritto, fries, and black-and-white shake.”

Not only does the food entice people’s taste buds, but also so does Burgerittoville’s wide selection of beverages.

There are more than 90 beers and 40 wines available, as well as fully stocked liquor shelves in the bar/dining room.

“Our cocktail options are a blast from the past, with options like a Sidecar, a Bee’s Knees, an Old Fashioned, or a Brandy Alexander. Our cocktails are made with freshly squeezed lime and lemon juice and house-made simple syrups and bitters,” Rebecco said.

Burgerittoville has full-service indoor dining available, as well as outdoor seating for takeaway orders.

A Sample Of The Menu

Dinner: Burgerittoville has brought back its dinner menu. It has a variety of Chatting & Sipping Foods, Lettuce Eats, and Fork & Knife meals. Be sure to try the RR Station Chew Chew Platters that are served with assorted fruits, vegetables, breads, and crackers, along with three different meats and cheeses. There is also the Creamy Mac and Cheese that can be made plain, with bacon and jalapenos, or with buffalo chicken.

Rittos: There are more than a dozen “rittos” on the menu, including the classic Burgeritto, which is a bacon cheeseburger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and ketchup rolled in a flour tortilla. Another popular option is the vegan Mediterritto, with house-made garlic hummus, tabouli, lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, and roasted red peppers wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Finger Foods: The hot wings are super crispy with buffalo sauce. Customers can also choose from BBQ, Cajun, teriyaki, and habenyaki flavors — the last, a favorite of Rebecco’s, is a super-spicy combination of teriyaki glaze and habanero peppers.

Pittsburgers: The Cheeseburger Pittsburger has half a loaf of Italian bread, a cheeseburger, french fries, and coleslaw all in one huge sandwich. It is important to know that this menu item is only served with all its ingredients — no special subtractions to the order. Ingredients can be added to it, though.

Dogs: The Slaw Dog has Burgerittoville’s all-beef hot dog with spicy mustard and the restaurant’s apple cider vinegar coleslaw. There is also the chili cheese dog, with all meat chili and American cheese.

Salads: House salad and Caesar salads are available.

Sides: Everything from French fries to coleslaw to chili cheese fries.

Shakes and Malts: A favorite flavor is the Nutella and banana shake.

Kids Meals: All children’s meals are served with fries and a milk or juice.

Beverages: Burgerittoville’s delicious house blend Bloody Mary mix is so good, it is bottled and available at the restaurant.

Burgerittoville, 55 Church Hill Road, is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm, Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm, and closed Monday and Tuesday. Catering is available. Follow on Facebook and Instagram

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