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Mitch Bolinsky Understands Seniors



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To the Editor:

Senior citizens in Newtown juggle finances to live here. We’re worn out by high tax bills, damaged roads, unreasonable spending, and a tax reassessment that, five years ago, mostly whacked seniors’ homes. We’re also tired of paying for Connecticut’s billion-dollar deficits and disagree with underfunded state pensions being our responsibility. As seniors, we volunteer and support good causes. Many of us are still employed. Lots of us care for grandchildren and aging relatives.

Representative Mitch Bolinsky is younger than us, but he gets it. He understands fixed incomes, our focus on common sense, and our need to secure our financial future. He’s there for us, responds to everyone, and knows many of us personally. A volunteer himself, he also has parents who need help and care.

Mitch battles for all of Newtown. He and our other reps worked hard to restore and ensure school funding, secure development grants, and save Newtown’s historic Governor’s Horse Guard, among other things.

We have a voice in Newtown and Hartford. Mitch is our means. He understands the state budget and is a sensible decision-maker and careful spender. He’s a recognized leader in the Connecticut General Assembly and has been Newtown’s voice for six years. He finds sensible solutions in concert with others, regardless of party. Whether in the House or the Committees for Education, Appropriations, and Aging, he works for Newtown. He and First Selectman Dan Rosenthal speak regularly and work well together.

Mitch has clout. As seniors, we have clout, too. We make up one third of Newtown’s population. Yet our voting record is abysmal. In this next election, we need to vote and support the right person: Mitch Bolinsky. He gets it — and has already proven his ability to deliver.


Jane and Don Sharpe

62 Underhill Road, Sandy Hook         October 10, 2018

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