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Halloween On Church Hill Road



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The costumed masses began heading up Church Hill Road by 4:30 Monday afternoon, heading toward Newtown's ultimate Halloween destination: Main Street.donating bags of candy through collections at schools and drop-off spots around town.The Newtown Bee had opened by 5 o'clock for Halloween visitors. For the past 15 or so years, the hometown newspaper has joined the fun on October 31, offering treats to those who pass the office while heading toward  Main Street and its magnificent decorated homes and a few thousand fellow trick-or-treaters. With so many people parking in lots along Queen Street and further east on Church Hill Road, The Bee's office is right along the evening's route.The Newtown Bee office.Please click here for additional photos taken on Halloween on Main Street and Church Hill Road. 

Those who live on Main Street - between its southern intersection with Glover Avenue and Queen Street, and the northern intersection with Currituck Road - know to expect a few thousand guests at their front door on October 31. Residents in recent weeks have been helping those who live along the busy stretch of Route 25,

A short walk to the east of Main Street, the front door of the office of

This year it was Cinderella and one of the frogs from the nursery rhyme "Twenty Frogs" who began welcoming guests of all ages at The Bee. For most of those in costumes, it was their first stop of the evening.

A short time later a (costumed) black cat joined the princess and the frog, arriving with additional candy and small treats, like stickers and notebooks, for those who made the quick stop in front of

Classic costumes seen on Monday included myriad princesses and a Charlie Brown ghost, Batman, Batgirl and fairy tale royalty, along with trending and unusual outfits such as Harley Quinn, a character from the video game Assassin's Creed, Bam-Bam and Dennis the Menace.

In the 2½ hours that candy was handed out at 5 Church Hill Road, easily hundreds of people stopped for a few minutes to share Halloween greetings before continuing on their way up the hill.

Belle broke into a big smile when she spotted fellow princess Cinderella on Monday night. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
A Charlie Brown-style ghost (center) visited The Bee, and was greeted by one of the frogs from the fairy tale rhyme "Twenty Frogs" (left) and Cinderella. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
Batgirl also stopped by The Bee for a Halloween treat. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
Another version of Batman who stopped by The Bee on Monday. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
A pair of Dorothys, each with her own Toto, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, The Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda The Good Witch all stopped on their way toward Main Street. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
An unusual pair: Retired Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and Star Wars baddie Kylo Ren head up Church Hill Road during Halloween 2016. The Newtown Fire Marshal has issued some public safety tips as Halloween once more draws near. (Bee file photo)
Batman smiles after being offered his choice of candies. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
Four young costumed men lead their chaperones up Church Hill Road Monday night. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
Cinderella offered smiles and waves to many of those driving up Church Hill Road on Monday. She was also asked to pose with many Trick or Treaters during her stint handing out candy. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
The Queen of Hearts and her Mad Hatter were the first visitors to The Bee Publishing Company's office on Halloween this year. (Bee Photo, Hicks)
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