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Sandy Hook School Holds Annual Matter Day



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Sandy Hook School Holds Annual Matter Day

Sandy Hook School third graders participated in the school’s fourth annual Matter Day on Tuesday, November 23. 

Students rotated between classrooms to participate in a different hands-on experiments with each of the third grade teachers. Matter Day served as a culmination of a monthlong science unit on matter, according to the school.

During the day students learned how to understand the concept of density through observation, hypothesizing, and drawing conclusions.

In one classroom, students participated in an “egg-citing experiment,” where students discussed whether a raw egg being hard-boiled was a physical or chemical change. 

In another classroom, students observed the movement of carbon dioxide bubbles out of a can of soda and how the gas molecules will not stay in a container. The molecules will continue to move out of the glass until no gas bubbles remain and the soda becomes flat.

Another experiment during the day was called the  “Magnet Tug of War.” In the experiment students explored the different properties of magnets.

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