• Malloy Lifts County Travel Ban, Local Police Recommend Staying Put

    In a brief press conference from the Capital this morning, Governor Dannel Malloy thanked residents for staying off the roads since a travel ban went into effect last night, and promptly lifted that restriction in western Connecticut. The governor appeared relieved to report only 11 crashes had occurred with just one injury since 9 pm Monday evening. Noting that the western part of Connecticut received less snow than forecasted, he then lifted the imposed travel ban in Fairfield and Litchfield Counties "for local roads." Newtown Police similarly reported that local roads are in passable condition, but Sergeant Jeffrey Silver is recommending residents restrict local travel to only what is necessary.

  • Blizzard Demoted To Winter Storm, Juno Still Bringing Snow To The Region

    Juno is still making its presence known, but Newtown does not look like it will be buried under 30 inches of snow. The National Weather Service had predicted that the storm still dropping snow on Newtown — and the entire New England region —would bring up to 35 inches locally. Newtown residents are waking up to snow this morning. But Fairfield County has been downgraded to a Winter Storm Warning, with less snow now expected by the time Juno moves north. Town and state road crews began working to clear roadways by early Monday afternoon. Trucks are still being seen making regular passes, trying to keep up with the continuing precipitation. The Newtown Bee would love hear from residents and Bee followers with their view of Juno.

  • Tuesday Closings & Cancellations

    The Newtown Bee will continue to announce closing and cancellation notices related to Winter Storm Juno. Contact Associate Editor Shannon Hicks to have your information added to this ongoing listing.

  • P&Z Reviewing Revised Scrap Tire Recycling Proposal

    Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) members are reviewing an industrial firm’s modified proposal for new zoning regulations, which would potentially allow it to handle and process scarp tires at an industrial building on High Bridge Road. P&Z held a public hearing on January 15 on MAAK Environmental Corporation’s regulatory proposal for new zoning rules, which would allow solid waste facilities for the storage and recycling of scrap tires in a M-1 (Industrial) zone, such as the zone that exists at an industrial building at 40 High Bridge Road. The current version of tire handling proposal under review by the P&Z would limit activity to shipping whole scrap tires to a site, shredding them there, baling the shredded rubber, and then shipping it out for further processing elsewhere. The proposal would not involve extracting byproducts from those tires, as had been earlier proposed by MAAK. P&Z member Jim Swift said the proposed operation, which would handle 1,000 tires daily, might eventually grow into an operation that is much larger.

  • 'Blizzard' Forecasts Fall Short, But Newtown Still Takes On The Snow

    Residents woke this morning to far less snow than originally forecasted for Tuesday, January 27. With just half a foot of powdery snowfall clinging to windowsills and mounded on rooftops across town, precipitation fell until roughly noon on Tuesday. The prior night's blizzard conditions were downgraded to a winter storm advisory by morning, and the travel ban, which Governor Dannel P. Malloy had ordered for all traffic Monday as of 9 pm, was lifted at 8:30 am.

  • Schools To Run On A Two Hour Delay Wednesday

    Newtown Public Schools will run on a two hour delayed start on Wednesday, January 28. The district announced the decision on Tuesday, January 27, around 5:30 pm.

  • Governor Announces Travel Ban Ahead Of Approaching Blizzard

    Governor Dannel P. Malloy made his first public statements concerning a blizzard that is approaching Connecticut during a 15-minute press conference Monday morning from the state’s Emergency Operations Center in Hartford. All residents across Connecticut should be prepared for heavy snow, accompanied by high winds and coastal flooding all possible, he said. The storm “has to potential to be the largest winter storm we’ve seen since 2013, and that was the February one.” The National Weather Service is predicting up to 35 inches of snow to arrive in Newtown between Monday night and Tuesday night. Governor Malloy announced a travel ban for all Connecticut roads, to go into effect Monday at 9 pm, as part of his press conference.

  • Here Comes #NewtownBlizzard (Don’t Have A Cow, Man!)

    The Capener family of Sandy Hook took advantage of Saturday’s snow to do what they do very well: the family built a large snow sculpture in their yard. Joined by some friends, a large snow bust of Bart Simpson now has a place of prominence in the family’s yard. Sculptors on Sunday included Ethan Capener, Miles Capener, Lily Capener, Eric Gray, Richard Guman, Julian Crane, and Vinny Wilson

  • Town Preparing For Winter Storm Juno

    First Selectman Pat Llodra and Newtown’s Emergency Management Team are asking that every resident make appropriate preparations to ensure personal safety and readiness for what might be a major disruption in services.  Following a meeting this morning between Mrs Llodra, Director of Health Donna Culbert, Fire Marshal Bill Halstead, Director of Communications Maureen Will, and Deputy Land Use Director Rob Sibley, the team is announcing that Newtown’s emergency services are prepared and ready; and Public Works, Parks & Recreation and Newtown Police Department are fully equipped with materials and supplies are staffed for full response. Snow has already begun falling in Newtown. While it had been moving at a moderate rate during the mid to late morning hours, there is currently a lull in action. The Newtown Emergency Response Team is continuing to monitor the storm, however. The team, which participated at 9:15 this morning with Governor Dannel P. Malloy in a conference call among other towns and municipalities, has activated the town’s Emergency Operations Center at a “monitoring level” at this time.

  • No School Tuesday Due To Anticipated Weather

    Newtown Public Schools will be closed, Tuesday, January 27, due to anticipated weather. The announcement came around 2:30 pm on Monday, January 26.