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Taxes, Schemes, And Plans



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To the Editor:

One has to marvel at the misinformation campaign launched against the recently passed Republican tax plan. Connecticut politicians are complaining that limiting the property tax deduction to $10,000 is "unfair and places a burden on high property tax states." Dwell on this for a moment... Democrats complaining about increasing taxes!

Maybe the state politicians can start easing this burden by doing away with the state income tax limit on property taxes, which maxes out at $200 and goes to zero as income increases. This could go a long way towards easing our "burden."

It's just wishful thinking, I know, as the state is in desperate need of tax dollars to fund their social engineering schemes. It is estimated that illegals cost Connecticut taxpayers $1.1 billion a year. Think about that when they're on TV telling us there going to have to cut all sorts of social programs for our legal residents.

Connecticut politicians, with voter encouragement, have created a fiscal situation from which there is no escape. They have squandered tax revenues from future generations via debt financing. Revenues are declining with decreased economic activity .

Unable to generate enough revenue, the Hartford politicians came up with a scheme to directly mine taxpayer wallets via property tax increases. Despite declining property assessments, the towns merely have to increase the mill rate to make up for the loss of state "aid" to the towns.

All this, while constantly having "special sessions" to come up with schemes to address the constantly increasing budget shortfall, shifting funds around to avoid the voters wrath.

Not to worry - house speaker Joe Aresimowicz, D-Berlin, has a solution: "Members of my caucus have expressed a desire to revisit taxes, especially on some of our more wealthy individuals that just saw a substantial tax decrease at the federal level."

There it is in a nutshell; the Democrats plan for Connecticut: raise taxes.

Ron Polard

5 Point O' Rocks Road, Newtown         January 2, 2018

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