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Newtown Fund Gets Help FromSandy Hook School



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Newtown Fund Gets Help From

Sandy Hook School

By Jeff White

It was in the spirit of the recent holidays that the Sandy Hook second-graders in Robin Walker’s class made their own small banks and took them home between Thanksgiving and Christmas to fill with money. This week, the $85 that the students collected was donated to a local non-profit organization, the Newtown Fund.

The Newtown Fund’s secretary, Rick Mazzariello, was on hand Tuesday afternoon to accept the check. “This will go to a very good cause,” he told the children, in a hushed yet sincere voice.

It was a class decision to donate locally, explained Mrs Walker. Her students batted around the ideas of giving their money to international disaster relief efforts or large national charities, but settled on aiding a local cause.

The idea for this voluntary fundraiser belonged to a parent, Linda Ruddy, who brought in a collection of empty baby food jars that the students promptly decorated with holiday adornments, turned into banks and took home.

Some students worked a little harder at their chores to earn the money. John McKay said he did extra chores, like walking his dog. A large portion of the money came from the efforts of Ashley Kulgowski, who had the opportunity to present the check to Mr Mazzariello.

Various students recounted their individual efforts in raising the money, from making their beds to taking out the garbage.

Other students simply gave what they could. Kelsey Cipriano had $28, so she decided to donate $5 of her savings to the Newtown Fund.

As Ashley Kulgowski gleefully handed over the hard-earned check, her classmates stood behind her, symbolizing the class’ collective effort to raise the money.

“You could tell that the parents really supported it,” Mrs Walker said of the fundraiser.

The Newtown Fund was established in 1960, and remains a small group of Newtown residents that gets together and helps local charities and organizations, Mr Mazzariello told the students. “We help anybody, from those who are sick, who are out of work, or just down on their luck,” he explained.

The money will be used to aid needy Newtowners in purchasing groceries and fuel for the winter.

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