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A Difficult Task Accomplished



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To the Editor:

On Friday, December 28, I contacted the Newtown Public Works Department using the town’s website to report a blocked drainage pipe on Boggs Hill Road, which prevented several drain basins from draining. This problem could lead to icing conditions and safety issues with lots of school bus traffic to Head O’ Meadow School.

On December 31, Eileen Ratcliffe responded to my e-mail that she submitted a work order request regarding this issue.

On January 2, around 9 am, two Newtown Public Works employees, Chris and Jim, arrived with a large tank type truck designed to clear blocked pipes and clean drain basins. They used a high pressure jet hose to clear and clean about 50 feet of metal drain pipe. Not an easy task with vines and prickly bushes at the swamp end of the pipe and 35 degree temperature.

Thanks everyone. It sure is great to be retired!

Bernie Zailskas

31 Boggs Hill Road, Newtown         January 3, 2019

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