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‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow’ At EverWonder Snowy Science Program



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Schools may have been out of session for winter break, but EverWonder Children’s Museum hosted a morning full of learning and fun during its Snowy Science Program on December 27.

The 13 registered children that participated were able to play in the museum before it opened to the public and spend the day doing a variety of snow-themed activities.

They made snowy slime, designed catapults to launch mini-snowballs, and became scientists by creating indoor snow.

For the latter, EverWonder Office Manager Briana Pope led the activity with a group of volunteers and showed the children that by adding warm water to the special powder the museum has, it would transform into snow.

Each child cupped their hands to collect the scoops of powder, and as Ms Pope poured the warm water over it, their eyes grew wide in amazement. Suddenly, when the water was added, the mixture had a reaction that made it look and feel like snow. Even though the water was warm, it later became cool to the touch.

After adding the water to powder in their hands, Ms Pope asked, “What does it feel like, in one word?”

Many replied that the concoction felt “soft,” like a “cotton-ball,” “powdery,” and — the most popular — “fluffy.”

“It’s an observation we’re doing right now,” she explained to the children about their scientific discoveries.

Ms Pope then repeated the process again, this time with cold water, so the children could observe if there was any differences based on the temperature.

With the colder water, the children quickly noticed that the snow took longer to form than it did with the warm water.

After playing with the newly made snow, all the kids were invited to enjoy more free play and have pizza for lunch at the museum.

For more information about upcoming programs at EverWonder Children’s Museum, 31 Pecks Lane, visit everwondermuseum.org.

Declan Brennen, 6, giggles as snow begins to form in his hands after EverWonder Office Manager Briana Pope adds warm water to the powder he was holding during the Snowy Science Program on December 27. —Bee Photos, Silber
EverWonder Children’s Museum volunteer Simone Paradis adds warm water to powder in 8-year-old Andy Christos’s hands to create indoor snow at the museum’s winter break program.
At the Snowy Science Program at EverWonder Children’s Museum, Austin Armato, 8, holds the newly made snow in his hands.
Pictured from left is EverWonder Children’s Museum volunteer Simone Paradis with Preston Updegraff, 10, and office manager Briana Pope during the Snowy Science Program on December 27.
During EverWonder Children’s Museum’s Snowy Science Program, on December 27, 6-year-old Mikey Palolan watches as the powder in his hands turns to snow when water is added.
On December 27, six-year-old Cole Salce smiles as snow forms in his hands during EverWonder Children’s Museum’s Snowy Science Program.
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