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To the Editor:

On behalf of the Newtown Junior Women’s Club I want to report that the annual “TAG-A-GIFT” cam-paign was something to watch unfold this year! What a kind community of selfless people who care that others who are less fortunate were given a bit of happiness this season.

None of this would’ve been possible if we did not have our eight businesses that participated in the program.  We are very grateful to Stop and Shop, Newtown Savings Bank, Newtown Youth Academy, Savings Bank of Danbury, Wesley Learning, Taunton Press, Edmond Town Hall and Newtown Country Club.

This was the first year Newtown Junior Women’s Club (NJWC) added “wishes” from seniors who asked for a variety of items. We collected over 226 gifts for seniors in assisted living, nursing facilities, or some that live alone or with family but have little.  Our partner Golden Opportunities, located in Newtown, helps provide for seniors all year long with visits, calls, organized games, etc.  They identified seniors most in need of some joy, which made for a lot of smiles Christmas week!

In addition to the seniors, we collected over 252 gifts for kids that were included in The Newtown Fund’s annual Holiday Baskets.  NJWC has been involved in this program for over 18 years.   Thank you to the group of women who helped with six weeks of picking up gifts, putting out more tags, setting up trees,   and the Girl Scouts who made ornaments.

Finally, I want to point out that the number of gifts donated and distributed this year was well over double our past years, which meant double the giving, collecting and pick-up. What a great feeling... the true meaning of holiday spirit!

Laura Branchini

Tag-A-Gift Chair

Newtown Junior Women’s Club, Inc.

PO Box 618, Newtown         January 4, 2016

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