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A ‘One-Stop Shop’ At Pleasant Paws Pet Center



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Pleasant Paws Pet Center, located at 94 South Main Street, is giving pet owners the luxury and convenience of having all their animals’ needs met under one roof.

Residents may recognize some familiar faces at the new facility that opened in November 2020, because the business is owned by Dr Rakesh Vali of Mt Pleasant Hospital For Animals, 119 Mt Pleasant Road.

He and his staff are extending their expertise and care to two locations in Newtown to offer more services to their dedicated clientele.

Before Dr Vali opened Pleasant Paws Pet Center, he said he was always being asked about certain services and it inspired him to create a new business that would be the answer to all those requests. All the while he knew that when he did, he wanted to keep it local.

“Newtown is very animal-friendly, pet-friendly,” Dr Vali said. “We have a lot of dog ownership [here] — practically every house has a dog.”

With that in mind, he assures that Mt Pleasant Hospital For Animals will remain open to continue its veterinary care and medicine, and that Pleasant Paws Pet Center will be the place for additional resources for pet.

“It’s a one-stop shop for pets. It has everything you need for any pet-related need,” Dr Vali said.

Services To Check Out

Pleasant Paws Pet Center offers a wide assortment of services from grooming and spa amenities to veterinary care, physical rehabilitation, holistic medicine — and everything in between.

“We have an underwater treadmill that is the prime, expensive piece of equipment,” Dr Vali said of the physical rehabilitation offerings. “It is important for older dogs and for dogs with injuries… we do the underwater treadmill, so that way they are not stressing their joints.”

At the canine rehabilitation center, cold lasers and a variety of other equipment are also available, depending on the need.

As for holistic medicine, Pleasant Paws Pet Center has veterinarians who practice acupuncture and have a knowledge of natural supplements.

Those looking to purchase everyday items or specially ordered products for their pet can visit the Paws Pet Boutique inside Pleasant Paws Pet Center. It sells a variety of food, including raw options for dogs and cats, and special orders through the boutique arrive within the week. There are also treats, toys, training equipment, accessories, veterinary supplies, and CBD products available.

Pet owners seeking obedience training for their dogs can sign them up for a classes based on age and experience level. Monday and Thursday night classes are led by Canine Training and Behavior Services, LLC. The certified and insured group has been training pets since 1984 and rents space at Pleasant Paws Pet Center to offer this service. The Newtown Kennel Club rents space on Tuesday nights for their American Kennel Club Conformation Dog Handling Class. Then on some Wednesday evenings, Pleasant Paws Pet Center has their own trainer teaching a second American Kennel Club Conformation Dog Handling Class. People can request private training for their dog, as well.

Pleasant Paws Pet Center also rents out its conference room, dog training room, and daycare rooms when they are not utilizing them — making for a great opportunity to host a dog birthday party.

Boarding for dogs, cats, birds, and pocket pets, such as reptiles, is also a available at Pleasant Paws Pet Center.

Dogs have options of three different indoor layouts, as well as outdoor areas for bathroom breaks and walks. Meanwhile cats have “kitty condos” separate from the canine boarding and can utilize a cat playroom area, as well.

For dogs who need supervision just during the daytime, there is a dog daycare.

“We do temperament testing on each dog for an evaluation… to see if the dog is able to handle other pets,” Dr Vali said of the daycare process. “We have a big, big yard with people monitoring outside the yard and inside the yard.”

The experience is not only cost effective for owners who would otherwise be opting for a daily dog walker, but it is also emotionally beneficially and saves them time at the end of their work day.

“Dogs will come in and will hang out and have fun. They will get regular breaks in between. It’s basically a lot of socialization and a lot of energy comes out, so people don’t have to worry about going home and walking their dog… It takes a lot of stress off people,” Dr Vali explained.

Ultimately, that is the goal of Pleasant Paws Pet Center, to have happy pets and happy owners at the end of each day.

Pleasant Paws Pet Center is currently open Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm; Saturday, from 8 to 3 pm; and closed on Sunday. For more information about Pleasant Paws Pet Center visit pleasantpawspetcenter.com, e-mail woofwoof@pleasantpawspetcenter.com, or call 203-491-2770.

Pleasant Paws Pet Center, 94 South Main Street, is a new facility that opened to the public in November 2020 and offers a variety of services for pets, including grooming, boarding, and dog daycare. —photos courtesy Theresa Viesto
There is a Paws Pet Boutique inside Pleasant Paws Pet Center that sells a variety of food, treats, and accessories. The space even features a special dog-bone shaped light and table.
When cats board at Pleasant Paws Pet Center, they have not only a safe place for an overnight stay but also access to a kitty playroom where there are a variety of shelving units and windows to occupy the most energetic feline.
Pleasant Paws Pet Center offers luxury boarding for dogs with accommodations that are safe and clean.
Two canine friends snuggle up together during their stay at Pleasant Paws Pet Center’s dog daycare.
Three dogs enjoy socializing together as they play in the fenced in outdoor area during daycare at Pleasant Paws Pet Center.
The reception area at Pleasant Paws Pet Center has an open layout with ample seating in addition to an eye-catching fish tank.
Dogs visiting for daycare can utilize both indoor and outdoor areas, the latter of which is fenced in and has green turf.
Pleasant Paws Pet Center is located at 94 South Main Street.
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